Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Knickerbocker

October 20th, 2015

Dear Pastors, Friends and Supporters,

Well, September and October were very exciting months. It is so wonderful to hear people say, “I wish the meeting would continue.” There is a hunger among pastors and church members and it is refreshing!


1. A PRAYER CONFERENCE   Luke 11:1 And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place when he ceased, one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples.” The Central Baptist Church in Denton, Texas. Pastor Shelton hosted a Prayer Conference! It was amazing to see the interest in prayer and recording answers. One couple stated they had never attended a prayer conference and thought it was extremely helpful. They wondered why more churches do not host this kind of opportunity for their people. I believe that every facet of our lives needs to be bathed in prayer. Christians should be recording  Specific Answers to Prayer. It takes away discouragement, bolsters our faith, produces answers and sets the example so our children will have faith and answers as well.

2. A TENT CRUSADE   We had a great tent meeting with Galilean Baptist Church in Cedar Hill, Texas with Pastor Mat Wilkerson. The Tent seated over 100 people and God really blessed. We saw 4 saved and one baptized. There is something about an open air meeting that brings God’s blessing! We prayed, sang, testified and preached the Word. We had other churches come and first time visitors wanting to see what was going on. It  was exciting! Love the sawdust trail and old time religion!

HEALTH  Anne just received two weeks of treatments. I had the joy of preaching for Mountain View Baptist in LosCruses, NM! They were a blessing to us!

FUTURE MEETINGS/ OPEN DATES  It is wonderful to see how 2016  is filling up.  We are asking the Lord to give us meetings where we can really help and encourage God’s people!

 Go to   www.revivalministries.net   for open dates for 2016-2017.

Your Friends in the Ministry,

Dan & Anne Marie Knickerbocker

6816 Winifred Dr. Fort Worth, Texas – 76133 

817-575-7360    – danknick@gmail.com


Revival is when Christians are awakened to the seriousness of listening to the Holy Spirit when He speaks! It is often a still small voice and if your not listening closely you’ll never hear Him.   D.D. Knickerbocker



 What Country in the World Best Fits Your Personality?

I believe it is my responsibility to give everyone in this world an opportunity to accept Jesus as their Saviour so they can be sure they have a home in Heaven.
1. REALIZE you have sinned against a Holy God.

2. REPENT in prayer to God for your sins –

3. RECEIVE Jesus into your life in faith that His blood can wash away your sins –

4. REJOICE that he has heard your pray and will give you eternal life in Heaven, now live for him instead of yourself! This brings true happiness!

I am praying for everyone who reads this message that they might trust Christ for their souls salvation.


“Lord, Please send Revival in our Lifetime”

Dear Pastors 

I wanted to let you and the Churches know that supported me through meetings and monthly income,  I have launched back into full-time Evangelism and Revival! I will be preaching Revivals, Missions/Stewardship, Family/Prayer Conferences!

For the last 7 years I have had the opportunity to direct Crown Southwest/ Norris Seminary, the Fort Worth School of the Bible and Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp in Texas! Many saved, young people called and over 100 students trained. I am now  back in full-time evangelism!

I am now on the road in meetings wherever I can be used of God! I believe our only hope is revival!   There is a group of folks in this country that are 60 years old and under that have never seen revival. With the condition of this world and the state of our churches we need revival!

I thank you for supporting me in the past and would love to represent your church in this needy world!
I have a good part of 2015 scheduled  and am now scheduling 2016 and want to be used of God
to make a difference in the time God has given.

Your Friend,

Dan Knickerbocker



Those that are Supporting Us Monthly!

I want to thank

Pastor Lee Pallmann of Annsville Baptist Church in Peekskill, NY since 1999
Pastor Gene Riker  of Calvary Baptist Church in Linton, IN  since 2001
Pastor Gary Ashley – Fundamental Baptist Church – Manati, Puerto Rico 2004
Pastor Clarence Sexton of Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN 2006
Pastor Kevin Hymer of Fairpark Baptist Church in Fort Worth, since 2014
Pastor Bill Hardin of McPherson Road Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas 2014
Pastor Van Gardner of Grace Baptist Church in Decatur, Texas, since 2014
Pastor Scott Thomas of Faith Baptist Church in Kilgore, Texas since 2014
Pastor Willie Weaver of Worth Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, since 2014
 Pastor Shannon Eaton of Calvary Baptist Church in Fort Worth since 2014
The Wilsons from FBC of Cottondale, Texas, 2014
Mr .&  Mrs, Ed DiPiolo  of Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.  2015
Pastor Richard Smith – of Calvary Baptist Church, VA 2015
Pastor Bob Mayberry of Baptist Temple in WestWorth, Texas 2015
Pastor Scott Carrier of Bethel Baptist Church in Grapevine, Texas 2015
for taking us on for monthly support. It sure is a big help!