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I believe it is my responsibility to give everyone in this world an opportunity to accept Jesus as their Saviour so they can be sure they have a home in Heaven.
1. REALIZE you have sinned against a Holy God.

2. REPENT in prayer to God for your sins -

3. RECEIVE Jesus into your life in faith that His blood can wash away your sins -

4. REJOICE that he has heard your pray and will give you eternal life in Heaven, now live for him instead of yourself! This brings true happiness!

I am praying for everyone who reads this.


Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Knickerbocker

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Revival is when Christians are awakened to the seriousness of listening to the Holy Spirit when he speaks! It is often a still small voice and if your not listening closely you’ll never hear him.

D.D. Knickerbocker

 LATEST MEETINGS BOOKED – Central Baptist – Athens, Texas -Pastor Spencer – October 2016

Dear Friends,

Just finished a great meeting with Pastor Spencer and Central Baptist Church in Athens. Many came to the altar. It was wonderful what they did for Anne Marie. They had her come to the front and the ladies of the church came by and give her an offering, a hug and spoke  words of encouragement. My wife was in tears with the words of encouragement ! The ladies were so nice to her.


I was listening to my wife  concerned about my weight  that I might not be around long and what would she do.  I thought my wife doesn’t need to have that fear or worry. I’ve lost 50 lbs. with 10 more to go since Jan 1st.

Josh is to finish his RN requirements in May 2015!  Heather and the children are doing great. We have a new grand daughter named Kate!

Rebecca and Tim  have moved into their house and have a new boat also. You can’t live in the Tidewater area without a boat.  They live in Chesapeake, VA and serve at Calvary Baptist in Norfork, VA ,Pastor Richard Smith!

Anne survived the East Coast Preaching Tour.  She is doing good if she gets her rest and takes her meds!

Love you all,

Dan & Anne Marie Knickerbocker

Dear Pastors 

I wanted to let you and the Churches know, that supported me through meetings and monthly income, that I have launched back into full-time Evangelism and Revival! I will be preaching Revivals, Missions, Family and Prayer Conferences!

For the last 7 years I have had the opportunity to direct Crown Southwest/ Norris Seminary, the Fort Worth School of the Bible and Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp in Texas! Many saved, young people called and over 100 students trained. I have been seeking to get back into full-time evangelism, but had need for someone to take my place, that has happened.

I will be on the road in meetings wherever I can be used of God! I believe our only hope is revival!   There is a group of folks in this country that are 60 years old and under that have never seen revival. With the condition of this world and the state of our churches we need revival!

I thank you for supporting me in the past and would love to represent your church in this needy world! I am scheduling 2015 at this time and want to be used of God to make a difference in the time God has given.

“Lord, Please send Revival in our Lifetime”  

Anne Marie and I are doing more meeting now and are having a wonderful time. I’m asking the Lord to send a touch of Revival in our generation. Anne did a great job at the Couples Retreat in Gatlinburg, Tn. We sure enjoyed ministering to the Couples. I preached on  10 Way to protect your Marriage. Then I preached to the men only, I told them them that “Most wives are nags, If they are you made them that way! ”
Then we shared a session with Young married couples warning of things that can hurt their marriage and Ideas to encourage  them!




Have Bible will Travel!

I’m asking the Lord to fill my schedule for  2015.  I have 24 meetings already!

I want to thank

Pastor Clarence Sexton of Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN

Pastor Bill Hardin of McPherson Road Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas

Pastor Kevin Hymer of Fairpark Baptist Church in Fort Worth,

Pastor Willie Weaver of Worth Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas,

Pastor Gardner of Grace Baptist Church in Decatur, Texas,

Pastor Scott Thomas of Faith Baptist Church in Kilgore, Texas

 Pastor Shannon Eaton of Calvary Baptist Church in Fort Worth

Pastor Lee Pallmann of Annsville Baptist Church in Peekskill, NY

and Pastor Gene Riker of Calvary Baptist Church in Linton, IN .

for taking us on for monthly support. It sure is a big help!

Your friends.

Dan & AnneMarie Knickerbocker
6816 Winifred Drive –  Fort Worth, Texas 76133
During the days of Billy Sunday, the meetings would last for 10-13 weeks.
Many churches had two-three week meetings
Today churches have three or four day or even a one day meeting and wonder why God is not able to do anything.
Willingness to change takes time, that is why many won’t take the time or allow the change.



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